Everything you need to know about voice search SEO

Everything you need to know about voice search SEO

In recent years voice search has grown exponentially. As more and more people browse the internet from mobile devices, the use of voice search has become increasingly popular. This means that it’s a good idea to take voice search SEO into account when you’re developing new content for your site.

Ultimately, this can be difficult if you don’t really know what you’re doing. I’d recommend speaking with a professional SEO agency if you have the budget for that.

If you don’t, I’ve outlined some of the most important voice search basics in this article.

What Is Voice Search?

Basically, voice search involves a person speaking into their phone or other device and receiving an answer spoken back to them. As AI technology becomes more advanced, voice search is also becoming more popular – which means that it’s something that clever SEO professionals are starting to incorporate into their optimization strategies.

There are a number of reasons why voice search is growing in popularity so fast:

  1. It’s easy, and it allows people to get answers on the go.
  2. Voice search is fast.
  3. Using voice search eliminates the need to type queries.

As you can imagine, the growth in the popularity of voice search means that you should focus – to at least some extent – on voice search SEO.

What Is Voice Search SEO?

Although voice search isn’t the largest market yet, smart SEO professionals throughout the world are optimizing the websites that they manage now so that they are ahead of the competition.

If you haven’t thought about voice search and the way that it impacts your website or niche, then you should. When you’re optimizing your website for voice search, you should think about:

Keyword use – It’s important to think about the type of queries that people are going to use when they’re using voice search tools. Brainstorm the type of questions that they’re likely to ask, and tailor your content according to this.

Content structure – Similarly, you need to create your content according to these keywords/questions. Write in a simple, easy to understand way that will be easily understood by busy people searching on the go.

Make sure that your content is mobile friendly – There are a lot of links between mobile friendly and voice-search friendly content. This means that you need to make sure that your content is fully optimized for mobile users. Pay special attention to responsive design and mobile site speed.

Final Word

It’s important to make sure that you’re optimizing for voice search, but it’s also important to make sure that you take a holistic view to SEO. Don’t focus on voice search SEO above all else, but include it as part of your general SEO strategy – you might find that there’s more value in ranking well or trying to achieve a featured snippet.

If you have a strong SEO background, you might try and take care of things yourself. However, I’d recommend at least thinking about using a professional SEO agency, especially if you have a decent marketing budget.