Email Marketing

Digital marketing is what businesses are using in this day and age to make their profits nowadays. It is a convenient way for them to reach out to their customers and potential customers through the power of the internet with so many avenues available to them to use. Among the plethora of channels available to them, email marketing is one of the oldest. In fact, modern day digital marketing started off with email marketing.

The thing is that people are under the impression that email marketing is dead/dying now with social media marketing reaching new heights. This isn’t something you can really blame on them. It actually does look like email marketing is becoming redundant because of the prospects of social media marketing.

This is why we have put together this article. You are going to understand why email marketing is not dead but in fact, alive and booming even today.

Massive ROI

One of the main reasons why we can tell you for a fact that email marketing is nowhere near death is the massive returns it gives on investment. Among all the channels of digital marketing, this is the cheapest and provides the most value per dollar invested. According to the numbers we have here, the average return on investment in email marketing per dollar is north of $40.

That’s a 4000% return on the investment. The reason why it gives such good returns is that it helps businesses to stay right in front of their customers and provides specific opportunities to follow up and close in on lead generation. That leads to more sales. Plus it is personalized. It helps build personal connection with the customers.