When Is It Appropriate To Use Adwords To Market My Law Firm?

Adwords for Law Firm

Google AdWords is an extremely powerful marketing tool that is used by people throughout the world. However, AdWords for lawyers and law firms, especially something like Family Lawyers Perth, is extremely competitive. In fact, law-related keywords are among the most competitive in the world, with the cost per click reaching more than $100 for the most in-demand ones.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should ignore AdWords in favour of more cost-effective advertising solutions. In some cases, using AdWords can actually be a great idea, especially when you tie it in with your other marketing efforts.

Below we will look at a few cases where it would be appropriate to use AdWords for your law firm. These include:

When You Have A Large Advertising Budget

Digital marketers advise that if your firm has a large advertising budget, you should consider spending at least some of it on AdWords. Although you might not get a great return on investment, the exposure you gain could outweigh the negative aspects. Even if you don’t make any money out of your AdWords marketing, the exposure and brand awareness you gain could lead to an influx of potential clients in the future.

When You’re At The Top Of The Search Engine Rankings

Unfortunately, AdWords isn’t necessarily the best way to market your business. Anyone can pay to have their website or business feature at the top of Google’s search engine results pages, which means that people don’t always see paid listings as reliable. This can reduce the number of people visiting your website through AdWords ads.

However, if you have managed to launch yourself to the top of the search engine results pages for a couple of keywords, then you should definitely be using AdWords for those keywords. Although this may seem counter-intuitive, having your name at the top of the search engine results twice can dramatically increase the chances of people clicking through to your website.

If You’ve Found Low Cost Keywords

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area which has low cost lawyer related keywords, then by all means, make use of them! This might occur if you’re based in a regional area, if you work in a very specific field, or if you’ve simply managed to find keywords that other firms aren’t focusing on yet. There is the potential for a significant return on investment with low cost keywords.

Final Word

As a law firm, you might think that you have to use Google AdWords to drive traffic to your website. However, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, you should only use AdWords in certain situations – as outlined above – otherwise you might find that your not getting the return on investment you expected.